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Thrifting Tips Part II

July 21, 2009

I posted something similar on Part I, but I’ve learned a couple more and figured I should share.  The subject thrills me! I’ll share some of my finds as we go. Take note, however, that I’ve only tested these tips in my town and I’m not sure if they can be applied anywhere else.

1. In most stores, items are priced at moment of request. So don’t be surprised if the salesgirl scans the item, rolls her eyes and then adds an “ehhhh” before the numbers.

ripped-jeans-and-tshirtStriped tee: thrifted. No big deal but I like it in all its faded glory.

2. Never EVER show excitement no matter how wonderfully the vintage Dior gown shines in the midst of dust, boxes and fraternity t-shirts! Bite your tongue if you have to! Why? Keep reading.


Highwaisted skirt:thrifted.

3. Barter, barter BARTER! Do business like you’ve never. If it doesn’t work the first time, pretend you weren’t even THAT interested in the item…point out the defects, perhaps even walk away! If you showed any excitement for the piece beforehand, prepare to do the ugly…pay full price ! If the price is still too high for an item that’s too “weird” (according to locals, anyway) leave it. Come back a couple weeks or months later and the item will still be there and…oh yes…in the 10 lempira (less than a dollar) bin! This last part at your own risk.


Chair: secondhand! It wasn’t really a bargain, more of a guilty pleasure.
Necklace: thrifted! 50 lempiras, about $2.00!

4. This should’ve been the first one: dress comfy. Flats, nothing too fancy or ostentatious. You’ll fall in the “This one’s rich, an eye for a top!” category if you do otherwise.

thrifted-necklaceVelvet vest: thrifted. Necklace: vintage, gift from grandma.

5. Prepare yourself. For what? A serious arm & back workout, cockroaches (that might sweep up your arm at some point), soar throats caused by dust, and the occasional attitude from salesgirls.

Jumpsuit: thrifted. Not good for peeing urges.

Now, enjoy ladies! Enjoy the salesgirl’s grin as you pay for the hideous item she thought know one would ever buy. Enjoy knowing that she has no idea how good you’re gonna look in the silky Moschino skirt as soon as you fix the zipper.

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