Living at Grandma’s

October 4, 2009

Boy, oh boy…the things I’ve seen. In the midst of a political crisis and the most outrageous Human Rights violations I have ever seen (seen, as in I’m saying it not because I read it in the newspaper, or because I was brainwashed into believing so) it’s been difficult trying to blog without rambling about the aforementioned. I’ll try. I moved into my grandma’s place! Been living here for about a month now. Not relevant for this “fashion” blog?? Wrong! More than relevant…just wait!

vintage-corset-outfitYSL hot pink lipstick. Vintage handbag and suitcase. $3.00 Earrings from mall stand.

My bedroom is incredible: aqua walls covered in religious art, furniture twice my age, wooden floors so old there’s heel punctures all over. Punctures are my fault, of course. I wake up as in a Virgin Suicide’s set and therefore dress as so. Been wearing plenty of frills, my cream vintage ankle booties and nightgowns for day.


Thrifted belt, corset and high-waisted shorts I fixed up.

However, don’t think it’s all been rainbows and unicorns. It’s quite the challenge dressing up and expecting to get granny’s approval when it comes to what I wear! It bothers her that I wear hats around the house, she’s pulled my hem down more than once and makes remarks like the following: “Oh dear, I’m sure you didn’t actually mean to wear yellow earrings with that“.

Dont’ get me wrong, I’m not complaining! I looove it when she judges me and I admit to changing my outfits more than once just to make my ol’ lady happy.

vintage-living-roomThrifted top and skirt.

 I had also mentioned how I was finally able to get a workplace for sewing and it happens to be in a building a few houses away from grandma’s house, so she occasionally visits and brings delicious pastries with her. YUM. As for my plans, I’ve been sketching, testing a couple of tailors, working on dresses myself…I have plenty of ideas, but I’m not exactly sure where I’m going to be honest. I like clothes, I’m going to makes them. Perhaps sell them. I’m completely okay with having a little bit of suspense in life. We’ll see…keep posted!

EDIT: Honduras reached the World Cup! It’s quite the celebration outside. WOOHOOO!

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