La Vie en Rose

June 8, 2011

One of the main excitements of our local carnival is catching the colorful necklaces that are thrown from the parade floats (us third worlders are big fans of free stuff, including the plastic forks from Wendy’s or BK). People walk around the streets with dozens of these wrapped around their necks. I, as usual, missed out on the grubbing fest and decided to purchase these instead:

Pink carnival beads

 The beads are quite large, and I figured would make a great addition to my inexpensive jewelry collection. By “purchase” I mean pay 5 lempiras ($0.27) for each one. Found them at a department store, Carrion.

Asymmetrical hem dress

Double wrapped and paired with a simple, brown dress I sketched up and had a local seamstress make for me. She was fast (which I LOVE) but I had to fix a few things myself. It’s always good to know at least the basics of sewing!


Anyway, as you can probably already tell, I’m currently having a love affair with hot pink. I’ve been embarassed to admit it because the first things that come to mind are the Legally Blonde poster (not that I didn’t love the first movie) and the famous Hilton heiress. Cut me some slack, a’right?

Pink monochrome outfitTop and skirt: both thrifted. Yey-ah! 

large-vintage-clipon-earringsPress-on earring: gift from grandma. 

 I can’t keep this purdy thing from seeing the light of day, despite it’s loner status (grandma only found one). I keep the rest jewelry-free, to avoid 80s overload.

Pink monochrome outfit

Monochrome, clean lines, white sandals…sounds like a potential hassle-free, summer uniform. Don’t know if I can stay away from my kooky patterns for too long, though. I’m currently sewing an A-line skirt and a maxi dress…wish me luck!

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