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Illustrator | Wilmer Murillo

February 22, 2012

 In Honduras, if someone opens a successful baleada stand, it won’t be long before eight more open on the same block. Harsh, but true. Just like that, in any existing art form there are trend followers and trend setters; Wilmer Murillo falls in the latter category. Many copy his work but the way his work evolves is only proof that he is the shizzle.

Tookoon Book of Love by Wilmer Murillo

One of his earlier pieces, Tookoon and the Book of Love 

His illustrations? Cute, melancholic robots and imaginary creatures that are subtly creepy in a good way. He gets so much online press & collaborates in so many different international projects, I sometimes have a hard time believing he does it all from tiny Honduras. I asked him a few silly questions:

What is your usual breakfast?

Pancakes and coffee.

How do you picture yourself at the age of 80?

Preferably dead (I don’t wanna live so long!)

Monokrit by Wilmer Murillo, Honduras

Funniest comment you’ve ever received about your work?

One day a girl told me that my characters look pretty similar to myself. I still can’t believe that… do I really look like a robot?

Jackie O’ or Marilyn Monroe? 

Jackie O’.

Jackie O

The Jetsons or The Flintstones?

The Jetsons, please!

Favorite place in the whole wide world?

My favorite place is wherever I can stay with my favorite things and people.

What do you think about crocs?

I don’t like them. (hooray!)

Krooglium by Wilmer Murillo


How would you react if you tripped and fell in front of a huge crowd?

I would say “I’m so stupid!” and couldn’t stop laughing.

Where can we find & buy your work?

On my website (, it includes my showcase, store and some freebies. Thanks so much!

Isn’t Wilmer a sweetheart? Anyway, I could’t post this without an outfit inspired by his art/interview. Turned out my closet lacks half the colors he uses (I’ll make sure to change that). I did end up wearing a “litmus” color top á la Krooglium and a skirt I made inspired by Judy Jetson.

Fabi Pina in a Wilmer Murillo inspired outfitTop: thrifted. Skirt: self-made. Shoes: Nine West.


Go team Jetsons!

Jetsons inspired skirtI posted about this skirt on my spanish blog in July of last year. I used one fabric, all wrong side except for the center panel. Easy to make and very…intergalactic?

Thankyou Wilmer for such a fun interview. Make sure to check out his stuff, spread the word, make him even more famous.

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