Thrifted Skorts & Eva Magazine Cover

March 28, 2013
Thrifted plaid skorts

I do love a nice skort for hectic days. I found this one in a 10 lempira ($0.50) box at a thrift store, but it was pretty torn up. The darts were split open and a few buttons were missing. I brought it home and gave it a new life, with cute gold buttons and a shorter hem to flatter my vertically challenged frame.
Thrifted skorts outfit

By hectic days, I’m referring to the last weeks of school filled with exams and final projects. I’ve finally finished my Interior Design program (woohooo)! My dad snapped these pictures near a tire repair shop right before he dropped me off at school.
Skorts Outfit

If you follow TWF on Facebook or Instagram, you prob already know about my cover for Honduran magazine, Eva. Thanks to all of you who sent me pictures of my big ol’ face in magazine stands, it’s all been so exciting!
Eva Magazine Honduras Covergirl
I was shocked they would 1.) let me be on the cover in the first place, 2.) let Lutfi style me as he pleased and 3.) allow me to mention my online vintage shop, Bultique, despite the taboo surrounding the name*. Thank you Eva! ♥
Featured on Revista Eva Honduras
Blazer: Lutfi Janania, Skirt: made by me, Gold hoops: Bultique, Necklace: Primark
Lutfi and I know that when it comes to styling, I can go a little crazy with the prints and he can go a little crazy with the accessories. Burgundy lipstick, humongous hoops, print on print…we really did it all. Here are some behind the scene outfit shots:
Revista Eva Honduras Behind the Scenes
Left: Bultique top and earrings, Lutfi Janania skirt.
Right: Bultique two-piece (coming soon) & earrings, Zara belt & my own vintage choker.
Thank you everyone for being so nice to me, for all those sweet comments and messages. Things can get a bit lonely when you’re into what I’m into, but your support makes everything much, much easier.


*Bultique is a Honduran slang word, used in a derogatory sense, that refers to second hand stores where things are found in “bultos” (piles) in boxes. No one would admit they went to a “bultique” without embarrassment…not until Bultique.com, of course. Hehe.

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